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How Does The Wayfair Decision Effects Sales Tax?

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Wayfair Decision & After Effects on Sales Tax

wayfair nexus sales tax

The hunt for the right Sales Tax is always continuous in America. Americans are paying from 2.9% to 7.25% of the goods’ prices in most of the states while purchasing the goods. But, some states levy almost no sales tax. Bit confusing, right?

June 21, 2018, has been a historical day in the US as the Supreme Court favored the state in the case of South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. This defined decision allowed the states to necessarily make the remote sellers gather and remit sales tax. This ruling is surely an usher for the new era of sales tax and sales tax filing systems because this is an end for the online shoppers to reap the advantages of untaxed purchases. How is the post Wayfair act? Everyone is excited to understand more about this sales tax regulation. Right? Well, the Wayfair nexus is now emerging in every state.  

Wayfair sales tax nexus is affecting several decisions related to sales tax. It can be quite tricky if every jurisdiction defines nexus in a different manner. With Wayfair tax policy, the sales tax is now on a turning point making this world of sales tax filing the Wild West area not only for the online retailers but entirely for the brick-and-mortar stores, wholesalers and manufacturers in the same way.

The Wayfair sales tax nexus is affecting the online retailing operations on a greater note. The internet retailers have acquired small operations and making huge internet sales, but now they have to gather jurisdictions wherein the historic entity is having the physical presence. The Wayfair sales tax case led to the addition of over 25 new states and they have to be registered by the domestic company to collect and file the retail sales. Moreover, it is a necessity for the foreign manufacturing entity to register in about 35 states.

On a noble thought, this new jurisdiction in sales tax compliance has mandated for both online and offline retailers to attain resale documentation for supporting the non-taxable sales in every state.

It is doubtless that this Wayfair act is presenting a new phase for retailers to be compliant with the national sales tax policy. Now, the companies are prioritizing three key elements post the Wayfair sales tax nexus. The first element is that the retail companies cannot rely on the sales tax software because no such software is capable to source correctly for all transactions. Secondly, the companies need to decide if they want to co-source/outsource certain sales tax functions or not. The third element is that the companies have to indulge in accurate planning to be able to mitigate extra sales tax compliance costs. 

You need to understand that Wayfair act and its aftermath have left the majority of companies with almost no exposure to sales tax due to massive sales tax compliance burden and also due to substantial cost in the way of penalties, interest and huge tax liability if it is unpaid by the customer.

The Wayfair decision is making states strong in taxing the remote retailers and giving states a powerful way of recouping the related revenue.

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Sales Tax is an important part of building your business, but so is Data Quality! Click to read more.

What Is Data Quality?

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What is Data Quality?

Data quality plays a crucial role in the growth of a company. Each business should desire to adopt the best technology available. This is to ensure high-quality data collection. Marketing campaigns use data to target the right audience based on data that is collected and data also influences internal operations. Using this data effectively will ensure company growth over time.

Substandard data quality will result in creating strategies that will negatively affect any return on your investment. In other words, your business can suffer immensely by using incorrect data to analyze overall performance.

What Exactly is Data Quality?

So, let's start with defining what data quality is. High-quality data is a mixture of two components.

First is the accuracy of the data and its comprehensiveness to complete the tasks it was collected for.

Second is in the presentation of this data to the correct audience to use it successfully.

Effects Of Poor Data Quality

  • When it comes to marketing, inaccurate data can actually harm your business by sending out the wrong message to  prospects or repeating messages that can cause will end up sending the wrong message to your prospects, or you’ll end up sending the same message to the same person again and again, this will definitely affect your reputation.
  • In online sales you can use data from previous transactions to predict what future customers will purchase. Without accurate data you’ll end up displaying wrong products to prospects and that means low conversion rates.
  • When you are working on supplies, inaccurate data can hurt your supply/demand ratios resulting in a negative balance on either side.
  • At the corporate level you’ll face obstacles when it comes to implementing cost reduction programs.
  • You won’t be able to recognize market opportunities on time because you’re not ready to repurpose existing data that worked in the past.

How Do You Improve Data Quality?

Increase Data Quality Dimension

If you want to improve the quality of your data you should first improve the dimensions of your data. Uniqueness is the first thing to consider on this aspect. A lot of duplicates can be found throughout data collection. Therefore, there is the need to crosscheck and ensure that no info is displayed multiple times so it’s unique.

Data Quality Management

You have to make sure there is a system in place in order to ensure the continuous supply of accurate data for your company and business; you also need to explore a set of remedies as an effort to prevent data problems in the feature.

Data Governance

This is where you provide a set of policies and standards needing to be addressed for every data element. This can be as simple as establishing rules for your business that must be followed before establishing any data report.

Data Profiling

All the data personnel who will be assigned for data quality check-up should be qualified to perform the task at hand. Data profiling is supported using dedicated technology in order to understand all data assets involved for high-quality data management. Frequency and distribution play a key role when it comes to data profiling, they must be addressed consequently.

The Best Practices For Quality

  • You should make sure there is top-level management in any data project, with the right management you’re guaranteed with the highest data quality for your business.
  • Employ data quality activities as part of the governance for your framework, this should be standards, policies, and roles for each and every of your business glossary.
  • You should begin with a root cause analysis for each data error found.
  • When you’re looking for solutions to an error you should set up a process and technology which will prevent the problem from happening again.
  • Always use automation, we’re living in the digital age and there is the need to automate your data input instead of manually typing it.

In summation, there are a lot of consequences for using incorrect data for your business, when the wrong data is used in your business everything goes wrong. Data quality is a must for any business to succeed long term.

The Law of Attraction – Your Best Life Lies Ahead

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When you set aside a moment each day to imagine, as vividly as possible, something you truly want, that is creative visualization. Your thoughts have an incredible power to bring the dreams and wishes inside your mind into reality. Pay attention to your intuition after these visualizations, as those impulses will drive you to manifest what you are visualizing.

Law of Attraction Meditation

Learn To Breathe, Relax, Unwind

In actuality, meditation is the perfect way to assist in your creative visualization. By quieting your mind you will be able to focus more on manifesting your true desires. Think of meditation like playing an instrument, the more you practice and fine-tune your skills, the better you get.

Guided Meditation is a Great First Step

Energize your goals with this wonderful guided meditation from MindSetStrength. By having a professional guide you through mediation, you are taking an essential step towards your future. For a limited time only, this meditation is available for only $7.

In their words:
Imagine all the opportunities that would be yours if you could somehow go from conscious, deliberate effort to something effortless in your manifestation practice!

We struggled with exactly that - so we put together a guided meditation to help individuals build an unconscious, abundance mindset.
We shared it with some people - and the response was positive.
Now, we’re rolling out this product to the public, so that you too can chase out of your mind that which doesn’t help. Bring greatness to you!

It’s a virtuous cycle

1. You make positive, helpful beliefs about abundance an unconscious part of your life.

2. Abundance becomes easier for you.

3. The results reinforce your positive, helpful beliefs in abundance.
Rinse, repeat!

Do you have a favorite meditation? What are you trying to attract into your life?

Why Your Business Needs A Blog… Now.

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Blog Your Way to the Top of Your Industry

In business, promotion, visibility, and relevance often drive prosperity. Adding a blog to an organization provides immeasurable value. In today’s market, consumers demand information quickly, and they look to feel connected to the companies with whom they opt to do business. A blog is a manageable way to hit all of these targets.

Why Incorporate a Blog?

Most companies set aside a budget for promotion. Often this can be through print or media advertisements, yet a current and relevant blog can be one of the best promoters of a business. A blog gives credence to a company by allowing it to share key and interesting facts about itself and the market space in which it resides. Consistent blogging brings a company repeated attention. In addition, blogging on hot topics in a market or industry will ensure your company stays on top of the SEO trends.

Listen to Your Customers

Customers like to know there is value to their input and that they have a voice. With accessible blog posts, you empower your customers to comment on and receive responses to your blog topics; in addition, it gives them the ability to reach out and contact you when they are looking for additional information. This give-and-take of communication grants you a leg up as it clues you in on what is essential to your client base and allows you to cater to them. This kind of accessibility, regardless of the size of your business, makes you more personable and makes you available in your market.

Becoming A Trusted Resource

In addition to accessibility, a blog complete with sound, pertinent information helps you become a knowledgeable resource in your field. It can give you a level of authority as a credible source on the issues that matter to your customers, and the key concepts which you long to drive home as a business. When your name boasts regularly circulating content which is relevant in your market, it elevates your branding in your space and increases online traffic to your site.

Blogging As an Inexpensive Way to Boost Your Business

Including a blog as a promotional tool is a crucial way to maximize your return on your advertising budget. Ads cost money, whether you buy TV time, radio spots, or online placement. These ads have a limited run time, as well. An active blog on your website will not only outlast any advertisement you pay to place, but it will also immediately draw it’s readers directly to your site and is cost-effective. Hiring an outside blogger allows your salaried employees to focus on other aspects of your business. By delegating blogging to a freelancer, you are trusting an expert with a specific project for a set fee and ensuring you get exactly what you want every time.

Furthermore, your blogger will be completely focused on providing ongoing content for you which in turn will create a steady draw for your business. Given that a majority of consumers turn to their smartphones or laptops for information, an active blog with attention to SEO trends within your industry will be a beacon. You will be the source giving them answers to questions they did not even know they had. Blogging will elevate your business and allow you to actively compete with your toughest competitors. This edge will allow your business to flourish, and earn you a solid reputation within your community.

About The Author:
Carol Kerber is a married mom with four kids who lives at a horse stable in Ballwin, Missouri. She pursued her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Missouri and went on to get her teaching certification. She worked in both publishing and education before staying home to raise her kids.

You Need To Hire A Blogger, Here’s Why:

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Reasons to Hire a Blogger

To have a successful business requires so much more than a quality set of goods or services. Successful businesses know how to market and how to compete. They see the value of customer satisfaction, ratings, and reviews. They know how to showcase their strengths and inform their customer base. One essential tool you can count on to deliver these results comes from the use of a professional blogger.

Hire A Blogger

Blogging Gets Attention

People use technology to stream information. Customers search for product information and reviews before making purchases. They turn to the web to find out what key components they should look for in a product, and likewise, they rely on social media and web searches to recommend a product or service. Using the internet for promotion is key. Having a regularly updated blog creates brand awareness about a company, which is validated with each blog posted. Blogging serves as both a tool to promote consciousness about a company as well as a means to advertise and increase online visibility and traffic.

Why Hire A Blogger?

Blogging has such a positive impact when it is done well. So why should a company hire a blogger rather than do it from within the company? After all, no one knows a company the way the owner does. While this is true, hiring a blogger ensures the person at the helm of the blog knows how to write, adheres to deadlines, and delivers a quality product. A blogger’s job is to research and to write. An employer could add blogging to the long list of things they already have to focus on within the company, or they could add it to the job responsibilities of another employee.

However, having a professional whose sole job is writing the content will allow the owner and employees to focus elsewhere. Also with blogging, it is vital to provide stimulating content that is accurate and value driven. It is also crucial to keep the blog active and relevant. When writing content is added onto someone else’s job description, traction is lost when posts are not made regularly. A professional blogger will generate pertinent content consistently to keep a business on the forefront. Furthermore, they will provide regular consultations to ensure the values and topics essential to the promotion of the business are highlighted in the posts.

The Value a Blogger Provides

A competent blogger will drive customers to a particular company with attention to SEO and relevancy. Bloggers will determine the key factors a business wants to promote through regular consultations, research on a company and the surrounding market, and response to previous blog posts. With a blogger, a company is outsourcing a seasoned writer with attention to detail, the ability to self-edit, and a willingness to revise until the client is satisfied. Moreover, the client gives the final stamp of approval before a blog goes live, meaning only content which fully represents their values will be shared. Having control over the message, while putting its creation in the hands of a professional, fully showcases all a client has to offer.

About The Author:

Carol Kerber is a married mom with four kids who lives at a horse stable in Ballwin, Missouri. She pursued her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Missouri and went on to get her teaching certification. She worked in both publishing and education before staying home to raise her kids.

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Yes, You Can Work From Home!

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There are a number of reasons why you could and should work from home. Easy on the pocketbook, flexible schedules, even the ability to control how much you earn. But with the good also comes the difficult, such as time and project management, or not getting sidetracked (which I have always had issues with but managed to pull it together).

First Thing’s First

You should always set goals and do research. What type of work interests you? Are you looking to supplement or replace your income? What types of training are available for the line of work you are interested in? How much time are you willing to invest in those goals, let alone invest in yourself? The biggest question I had was:

"Are you ready to do this and not give up, no matter how hard things may get?"

Something I honestly had to learn the hard way is, if you don’t know, ask someone. There are plenty of people that know the answer to the questions you have. When you get down to it, there are so many things that can stand in the way of you reaching your potential. One of the big ones being time management.

“But I thought working from home was supposed to be flexible?”

It is flexible, you just have to make sure you are making time to make money. If you have a project that is needing to be done, you have to set a time frame to work on it.

When The Clock Strikes

Time management also comes with having to set boundaries. That can be difficult if you have children. I have to tell mine all the time, “Hey! I’m working, if it’s not life or death, let me finish this and I will come to deal with it.” Or if the phone rings, just don’t answer it. As a general rule of thumb, I turn my phone on silent and leave it on the stand so I am able to see if I have a call from the kid's school for an emergency.

Another reality of working from home is being able to prioritize. Whether you want to work full time, part time or as a supplement to your existing income, you will have to learn how to prioritize. There will be times that you are looking at multiple projects and will have to make the choice on which one gets done first. The easiest way to begin is by looking at the requested turn around times, also known as due dates. It is very important to keep deadlines, and whenever possible, send work in early.

Easy Street

It is not all just manual work. There are many apps and programs available to help automate anything. One of my favorites is Grammarly because it is virtually a set it and forget it. The extension is added to your browser and will edit as you type, making editing much easier as well as quicker for most people. The apps truly depend on what kind of work you hope to be in as to what will work best for your situation.

Finishing Touches

All though anyone is capable of working from home, it will take time and effort and it is worth every bit of it. You are able to work on your own time and make full-time money. Remember that you alone will choose your worth. Do the work, commit to your schedule and stay motivated to charge accurate prices and yes, you can work from home!

About The Author:

Britney Whitford is a full time mom to three amazing boys. She has found her passion in life by using her writing to help others.

Five Things Every Freelancer Should Know

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Freelancing as an employment trend is on the rise, and it is easy to see why. Having the freedom to work from home and mold your work schedule around your life is highly appealing. However, being successful as a freelancer requires you to do your research, to ensure you are prepared for the rollercoaster ride ahead.


Input Affects Output

As a freelancer, how hard you work will affect your ability to achieve and succeed. Generally, working from home is far less structured than working in an office. Not only are you slouching in loungewear instead of khakis and taking more coffee and social media breaks than you would in the workplace, as a freelancer you don’t have coworkers nearby to motivate you. Working solo requires a level of discipline to be genuinely successful. Making a work schedule and sticking to it will go a long way toward ensuring your success. Sure, as a freelancer you do have the flexibility to customize your hours, but that doesn’t mean waking up each morning without a plan. Make a plan, and make sure you are giving every hour of your work day your all.

Freelancers Are Professionals

As previously mentioned, wearing comfy clothes and setting up your work station on the couch may make it hard for you to view yourself as a professional. However, your clients on the other end of your freelancing contract expect professionalism, and it is your responsibility to deliver. Deadlines matter, and delivering on time, or even early, makes an impression. Check, double check, and triple check your work before submittal to ensure you are presenting the highest quality product. Respond to inquiries promptly, and keep the excuses to a minimum. Being a reliable source for clients provides repeat business.

Keep Track of Your Income

As a freelancer, you have to keep on top of the money coming in, and the money that needs to go out. Keep a schedule of jobs completed and how much you are owed. Just as you are expected to adhere to deadlines, you have the right to expect your clients to be equally as professional when it comes to compensation. Also, as a freelancer, you will need to deduct your taxes and plan throughout the year to ensure you have set aside enough money. Preparation is vital in the freelancing world.

You Are Your Best Advocate

While freelancers have portfolios and perhaps references willing to speak on their behalf, you have to be willing to promote yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you believe your work is worth, and don’t be afraid to promote your experience to secure the job. Your resume and work samples will speak for you, but you also have to be comfortable speaking for yourself. You know your worth, make sure everyone else does, as well.

Stay Educated

As a freelancer, you may have a field of specialty. Don’t get comfortable in your knowledge. Be a lifelong learner, and don’t be afraid to educate yourself in new areas to ensure a broader base of potential jobs. The more you know, the more you can offer. Consider education a key component to your workload. When setting aside your work schedule each week, build in time for research and learning. Scheduling it will ensure you are keeping up with it. The bottom line is you need to believe in yourself, promote yourself, and make each job your number one priority. With discipline, you can make your freelancing dreams a reality, but knowing what you are up against will help you prepare for the specific challenges freelance employment presents.

About the Author:
Carol Kerber is a married mom with four kids who lives at a horse stable in Ballwin, Missouri. She pursued her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Missouri, and went on to get her teaching certification. She worked in both publishing and education before staying home to raise her kids.